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The New Orbit Reader 20

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Bridging the gap

We are looking into the future where blind /visual and impaired learners can access education and opportunities. KBTA is piloting the Orbit Reader 20. This is a new low-cost Braille Note-taker and reader. In addition, it targets children in rural, inclusive classes with no access to learning tools. The Orbit Reader ensures that blind learners will have equal access to textbooks and supplementary reading material, that their sighted peers in the same classroom have.

Mechanical Braille vs Orbit Reader

Compared to a mechanical Braille machine, the Orbit Reader 20 is smaller, lighter and silent while in operation. It can also store thousands of books in electronic Braille displayed in refreshable Braille. Learners will be able to do their homework just like their sighted peers. Furthermore, they will enjoy discovering many new areas of learning through additional material available in electronic Braille. However, the Braille machine will remain useful for STEM subjects. KBTA conducted two successful pilots on the efficacy of the Orbit Reader 20 and ease of access to content by blind learners, with three schools in Kenya. The project will be scaled up to other schools in all the partner countries i.e. Tanzania, Malawi and Uganda after the launch.

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