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Donations from Kenya & Africa

How can I contribute to KBTA?

Please use payment instructions below if you are making a contribution with MPESA or by bank transfer in Africa.


For payments from the UK & other countries, please click here. 

For payments from the United States of America click here

How can I pay with MPESA?

Please use information below for payments with MPESA:

Paybill Number: 4115139

Account: Your Name 

How can I pay with a Bank Transfer?

Please use the information below to make payment by Bank Transfer:

Bank Name:Standard Chartered Bank 

Account Number: 0102838395901 (Kenya Shillings)

Account Number: 8702838395900 (US Dollars)

How can I pay with a Wire Transfer?

For wire instructions or additional fiscal sponsorship documentation from Global Impact, please contact: ​

Call toll free: 703-717-5200


How can I pay with a credit/debit card?

Please use link below if you are making a contribution from the United Kingdom and all other countries with the exception of United States of America.

Please note that for debit/credit card payments, you will be redirected to Kilimanjaro Blind Trusts payment portal. Thank you for your contribution.

To continue to Secure & Easy Payment Options, please click here

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