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Breaking Barriers, Building Futures: STEM and Coding Project Launch at Mitoto Secondary School

The Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa and Mpesa Foundation have joined forces to launch a transformative STEM and Coding Project to bridge the digital divide and empower learners with visual impairment with essential digital and coding skills. This historic event took place at Mitoto Secondary School in Kitale, Kenya, and marked a watershed moment in the pursuit of inclusive education. The project's distribution of ten laptops, 6 Orion Ti-84 talking graphing calculators and a cutting-edge scanner aims to open doors of opportunity for students, empowering them to embrace the digital age and realize their full potential.

This project will benefit five secondary schools, including Mitoto Secondary School. Nico Hausa Secondary, St. Francis Secondary, St. Lucy High School, and Likoni High School are among the other schools that will benefit from this project.

Students with visual impairment, teachers, the board of management, Mpesa Foundation representatives, and Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa management team representatives attended the Launch Event. As representatives from both organizations addressed the audience, they emphasized the importance of STEM education and its potential to shape the students' futures.

The keynote speakers emphasized the importance of teaching these students coding skills, which can lead to lucrative career opportunities in the digital age. It was also emphasized that skills are not limited by disability and that all students, regardless of visual abilities, can thrive in the world of coding.

The highlight of the event was the distribution of 10 laptops installed with JAWS software, Orion Ti-84 Talking graphing calculators and a cutting-edge scanner to the school.

Representatives from Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa and Mpesa Foundation handed over the devices to the school administration, signaling the beginning of a new chapter in Mitoto Secondary School's journey toward digital empowerment.

The students' enthusiasm was palpable as they eagerly explored the laptops, immersing themselves in a world of seemingly limitless possibilities.

Mitoto Secondary School's STEM and Coding Project has set the stage for transformative change. Students with visual impairment now have the means to explore vast realms of knowledge, access educational resources, and develop critical skills for the digital age, thanks to laptops and scanners in their hands. The project's goal is to raise a generation of problem solvers, critical thinkers, and innovators who will shape Kenya's and the world's future.

The launch event ignited a spirit of collaboration and determination within the school community. Teachers are enthusiastic about integrating technology into their curriculum and are receiving training and support from the project organizers. This holistic approach ensures that both students and educators are equipped with the tools necessary to navigate the ever-evolving technological landscape.

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