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Inclusive Infrastructure Case Study Report launched in Nairobi, Kenya

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

The Inclusive Infrastructure case study in Nairobi, Kenya has officially been launched by Global Disability Innovation Hub, Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa and Kounkuey Design Initiative. This case study explore the current state of the infrastructure provision - and makes recommendations for opportunities to embed accessibility and inclusion.

Nairobi is experiencing rapid growth and infrastructure investment, which provides tremendous opportunity to embed inclusion. Roads and transportation are frequently cited as major challenges in the city's urban development. More than half of Nairobi's residents live in the city's informal settlements, which are high-density, low-quality housing areas that lack basic infrastructure such as roads, water and sanitation infrastructure, and power. Because of the mutually reinforcing cycles of disability and poverty, many people with disabilities live in these communities. However, there is a vision and ambition in Nairobi to improve urban conditions in general. There is also a solid policy foundation for making strides toward disability inclusion. It is critical that these two agendas be coordinated.

Findings from this report detail the importance of conducting disability awareness and inclusive design training for all key urban stakeholders, including service providers.

Executive Summary:

Read the report here:

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