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Premchandbhai Foundation gives hope to learners with visually impairement in Kenyan Schools

Premchandbhai Foundation (PF) has donated 200 digital Braille assistive devices to three secondary and seven primary schools in Kenya. The donation was made through their partner, Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa (KBTA) who provide learners with visual impairments, access to quality education through use of innovation and technology. To date, KBTA has already provided 900 devices in 66 primary and secondary schools across Kenya. PF envisages donating up to 1000 of these devices over the next 3 years.

On March 10, 2023, from 10:00 to 12:00 noon, a short distribution event was held at the Premchandbhai Foundation offices at 95 Limuru Road. The event was graced by officials from the Directorate of Special Needs Education, Ministry of Education, Teacher Service Commission, Kenya National Examination Council and others supporting the needs of those with different abilities.

The Orbit Reader20 is an affordable, multifunctional, digital Braille assistive device used by learners with visual impairments in schools & colleges to access digital literacy and skills. It is changing the paradigm for access quality education in special and integrated classrooms across Kenya. With this donation of these 200 Orbit Readers valued at KES 21 million, more and more VI learners will have an opportunity to have better performance in their studies and move from primary to secondary schools and ultimately pursue diversified career choices in higher education.

“Our ambition for learners with visual impairments in Kenya is to ensure that every VI learner in school has a digital assistive device in order to access quality education. This donation from the Premchandbhai Foundation will ensure that all secondary schools and 7 primary schools in Kenya will have an Orbit Reader for each VI learner.” KBTA Executive Director, Suparna Biswas.

The Premchandbhai Foundation has a long-standing commitment to support education and inclusion for learners in Kenyan schools, especially those with special needs. They are engaging in giving a huge opportunity to learners with visual impairment in the schools in Kenya, to reach their true potential.

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